About Us - Photos of Veterans

If You Are A Veteran Woman, Then You Are A SUPERHERO!

Shawna O'Brien Photography is excited to partner with Veteran Women!  

Together, we will connect you with other veteran women.  Our goal is to share information and products with you (made by us (veteran women) for us).  We also want to showcase YOU on the Veteran Women FaceBook page and website, introducing you and your business/products to our Community.  -- Hand in Hand, We Uplift Each Other!

HELP US GROW OUR COMMUNITY!  Send us your hobby or business info so we can build a directory of veteran women's businesses.  Let's connect to each other, globally!  Supporting each other, mentoring and building strong businesses together ... LET'S DO IT!

If we can grow our directory of veteran women and businesses similar to Angie's List, then we all succeed!  A rising tide lifts all boats...

Spread The Word!

Tell all the veteran women you know!  This is all good; there is no hidden agenda!

Let's Get Started!

Tell us a little about you and your business. What would you like for everyone to know?  Send an email to frontoffice@veteranwomenllc.com  We are excited to get to know you and to share you with the Community!

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